Interconnect Telecom offers its International Voice Termination and Origination services to allow voice carriers and users to send or receive their voice traffic directly in or from the required location or country. Most of the Interconnect Telecom customers are national and international voice service providers in different countries. more »

Interconnect Telecom's Wholesale VoIP Gateway Service provides SIP based wholesale VoIP termination of voice calls into (and from) PSTN. The service achieves comparable quality to the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and requires no gateway equipment belonging to the wholesale customer connecting to the service. more »

Interconnect Telecom is a leading international VoIP provider targeted for business clients with an expertly engineered IP network which offers a higher level of security, features and functions than the public internet. Companies are able to migrate to IP Communications from traditional TDM, using their reference CPE with a gateway device or all at once with an IP PBX. more »

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