About us

Interconnect Telecom delivers superior SIP Trunking solutions offering unmatched ease-of-use, exceptional value and unrivalled performance for voice communications services. Leveraging the latest technology with cost-effective SIP Trunking services allows Interconnect Telecom customers and partners to connect globally and enjoy unparalleled communications value.

As a leading global provider of SIP Trunking and interconnection services with the worldwide Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), Interconnect Telecom solutions are uniquely designed for high volume telecommunications users worldwide. These include enterprises of all sizes, call centres and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) environments. Interconnect Telecom's SIP Trunking services provide enterprises with the high quality, cost-effective telephony services which are needed to compete in today's ever-changing business technology landscape.

Interconnect Telecom is dedicated to ensuring that partners and customers have access to the most reliable, end-to-end Internet telephony services available today. Interconnect Telecom guarantees uninterrupted service with its fault-tolerant, state-of-the-art VoIP network and SIP soft switch technology. The network architecture has been designed to solve the throughput and redundancy problems which can occur on high-capacity SIP-based networks and to eliminate single points of failure. The company's unique approach to SIP Trunking, combined with the cost-effective termination of calls to and from any location in the world, meets the requirements of global businesses.

Interconnect Telecom markets its solutions via strong partnerships with leading Value-Added Resellers and distributors.

Based in Miami, Florida, Interconnect Telecom was launched in an effort to facilitate the integration of VoIP communication, mainly within large organizations. The company's customer-centric approach and commitment to delivering superior internet telephony services demonstrates the focus on providing powerful communications tools offering unmatched ease-of-use, exceptional value and unrivalled performance.

Interconnect Telecom has built its network from scratch while using its long telecommunications experience and knowledge of the field. Our company mainly focuses on customers. We deliver all of the benefits provided by the latest VoIP technologies.

Our Mission

Interconnect Telecom’s main mission is to provide high-end services with competitive prices and quality care to a wide portfolio of international customers. The world of telephony is going through major changes these days and we are proud to be part of these changes.

Our network is comprised of Tier 1 to 3 telecommunication and bandwidth carriers to provide the highest quality and reliability. We have developed a portfolio of products and services which best meet our customers’ demands. Our customers can use all the benefits of the VoIP technology available.

The products and services that Interconnect Telecom offers to its customers include splendid arrays of communications capabilities. We keep adding new innovative products and services to our portfolio to better serve our clients and meet their requirements.

Two of the many reasons why thousands of businesses and providers have chosen Interconnect Telecom are our feature-rich API and voice clarity.

Our Vision

Interconnect Telecom plans to cover the international market from local offices located in all continents servicing the local markets. Interconnect Telecom aims to focus on optimization of programs for service providers interested in turn-key solutions which make delivery of VoIP simple and profitable.

After the US and Europe, we are opening offices in Far East Asia, Russia and Australia. However, the SIP Trunking business is virtual, so we still believe that physical presence is the key to success and customer satisfaction.

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