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International Voice Termination VOIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has changed the way business is conducted worldwide.
New methods of communication and innovative techniques are replacing old communication methods very fast.

The Interconnect Telecom VoIP service is a pioneer in the use of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) via the Internet, enabling enterprises to seamlessly and cost-effectively consolidate multimedia applications such as voice, data, video and data over a single IP circuit and connect with customers, vendors and partners worldwide. This is generally referred to as SIP Trunking. SIP Trunking is designed to easily allow businesses to incorporate Voice over IP and VoIP services into their existing environments in a cost-effective way.

Interconnect Telecom is a VoIP and SIP Trunking provider, using the latest technology to set the required standards for the industry. Interconnect Telecom´s VoIP solutions are mainly designed for high-volume VoIP business communication users. Any enterprise which seeks to reduce its telecommunications costs and yet expand functionality is a candidate for Interconnect Telecom’s VoIP Solutions broadband phone service.

Interconnect Telecom eliminates the need for a second dedicated connection. With Interconnect Telecom SIP Trunking VoIP Services, multiple costly leased lines are no longer needed. You can save money without sacrificing quality. Many organizations have installed dedicated lines such as T-1, DSL or PRI/BRI to provide bulk long distance telecommunications services. Other enterprises may still use ISDN lines for the same purpose.

Interconnect Telecom reduces telecommunications costs for enterprises by optimizing bandwidth usage and combining voice and data over a single IP connection.

Interconnect Telecom creates new recurring revenue opportunities for resellers by providing SIP Trunking VoIP services with minimal investment and rapid deployment. We enable our partners to quickly and easily offer SIP Trunking services to their customers. For seamless, affordable SIP Trunking VoIP Solutions, Interconnect Telecom has developed partnerships with major gateway, IP PBX and firewall manufacturers, as well as high-quality bandwidth providers, enabling our VARs (Value Added Resellers) and MSPs (Managed Service Providers) to offer Interconnect Telecom’s robust, fail-safe SIP trunk VoIP services and VoIP Solutions with most VoIP business enterprise-class VoIP CPEs available today. Interconnect Telecom’s VARs deliver the power of VoIP IP telephony to their small VoIP business customers and VoIP business enterprise along with additional cost savings and fast deployment. The benefits from Interconnect Telecom for VARs are clear - enhanced service offerings, increased profitability and a solid partner.

Our wholesale SIP termination services are working to authorize clients of all sizes alike with the ability to terminate calls with no channel restrictions at an extremely high speed.

With an install base capable of handling a million calls per hour and having long-term clients making as many as one hundred thousand calls per hour, our client can be sure of a tried and tested SIP Trunk product for his or her termination requirements.

Interconnect Telecom’s highest quality network availability, high call completion rates and competitive costs offer carriers of all sizes of entrepreneurship exceptional value. Moderate routing and Direct peering with Tier 1-3 carriers secures the lowest possible price with the highest quality. Interconnect Telecom can also meet the specific needs of service providers to design tailor-made solutions based on special requirements.

We offer worldwide experience in supporting carriers, resellers, ITSPs and call centres. We understand that customers’ primary requirements expected from a VOIP provider are mainly top voice quality, capability to handle and a high rate of calls per second. Interconnect Telecom targets availability, consistently reaching one hundred per cent month after month. Dispatched critical clients are configured on separate switches and billing platforms for exceptional uptime guarantees.

Interconnect Telecom is the right company for you to choose if you are looking for a provider offering unlimited channel SIP to PSTN termination with no commitments to channel usage.

Interconnect Telecom's Wholesale VoIP Gateway Service provides SIP based wholesale VoIP termination of voice calls into (and from) PSTN. Service achieves comparable quality to the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and requires no gateway equipment belonging to the wholesale customer connecting to the service.

Interconnect Telecom's International Voice Termination VOIP Service delivers affordable, carrier-grade service to VoIP service providers seeking a connection to PSTN. The solution has low infrastructure and operating costs and provides built-in reliability and scalability to suit a range of network sizes.

Looking for buying or selling international terminations on a wholesale basis? Interconnect Telecom trades international VoIP/TDM routes worldwide. Interconnect Telecom maintains existing relationships with Tier 1 and 2 carriers from around the world to ensure a steady stream of traffic on our routes. Interconnect Telecom offers unique online reports and tools for real-time management of our service. Interconnect Telecom offers quality routes combined with our commitment to service, which ensures competitive pricing with a superior performance.

In telecom minutes, business market buyers with small buying capacity can rarely benefit from discounted prices based on bulk orders. Interconnect Telecom collects the demands and trade in bulk to ensure the maximum possible discounted rates for our partners.