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International Voice Termination TDM

Interconnect Telecom offers its International Voice Termination and Origination services to allow voice carriers and users to send or receive their voice traffic directly in or from the required location or country. Most of the Interconnect Telecom customers are national and international voice service providers in different countries.

Using voice service providers′ voice switches and gateways, customers can route the traffic for the best quality and price performance to satisfy their customers′ needs.

The standard voice protocols supported by our voice service providers′ networks are SS7, C7, R2 Digital, CAS, H323 and SIP for ISDN over IP.

The Interconnect Telecom International Voice Termination service allows customers to buy an international service based on their needs to serve wholesale customers and retail end-users.
The Interconnect Telecom International Voice Termination service is competitively priced on a per-minute basis and managed aggressively in real time to allow for success-based investment in your international business.

The service allows you to buy services based on what you need to serve your wholesale customers and retail end users. And because we manage your service in real time, you are protected from fluctuations in demand and voice termination rates.

As an international carrier with its own infrastructure and years of experience in operations, Interconnect Telecom offers an excellent platform for high quality in international voice traffic. Its high quality and fail-safe concept as well as its competitive prices are the strongest arguments for Interconnect Telecom. Direct connections to more than 140 carriers and countries ensure a high degree of reliability with a very high ASR (Answer Seizure Rate) and equally high network efficiency.

Our ISDN Transit Service contains connections to over 50 destinations, which are all connected via the current C7-(ISUP-) signalization system.